Swiss Skills September 2020 in Spreitenbach

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This year the Swiss Skills professional championship for welders was carried out under special circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In spring the official Swiss Skills Championships, which used to be carried out in Berne for all participating occupational groups were canceled.

The SVS (Swiss Welding Association) still wanted to carry out the championships for welders. Together with Artwelding the event was organised in Spreitenbach, one of the SVS`s branches.

On the first day, all information regarding the championships, safety instructions, and a championship in digital welding with the Soldamatic were carried out.

In the evening we had a social event together with the boards of the SVS.

The rest of the week were all about welding. The young professionals gave every thing in order to be successful. Although it was very hot, they did stay concentrated the whole time.

The final leakage test:

And the winner:

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