1st Augmented Weld Skills Kongress

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Artwelding and SVS (Swiss Welding Association) organised the 1st Augmented Weld Skills Congress on 17th October 2019. The scope of the event was to show on how digitalization can improve vocational education and training.

The first presentation was held by Dipl.Ing. SFI, Christiane Pohlmann, Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Nord GmbH (SLV Nord) presenting «Studies on the effectiveness of using VWTS (digital welding trainers)”. 

Ms. Pohlmann showed, how the integration of the Soldamatic in their course designed for integration of people with migration background could reduce the training time by 20% and increase the success rate by 10%.

Second speaker was Mr Frank Moll, GSI e-Learning, GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International GmbH on «e-learning for welders and welding supervisors» 

Mr. Moll reported on the efforts of the GSI in producing e-learning tools for various levels of welding formation in several languages. Main benefits are Company-specific, sustainable course contents, evaluation option of students (e.g. according to learning status), no additional costs, such as travel or expenses for employees.

Mr. Allan Gray, Managing Director Weldplus GmbH, gave an insight in “Experience augmented reality in vocational training”. 

Mr. Gray described the benefits of using the Soldamatic, the only welding training system based on augmented reality in vocational education. 34% more certified trainees for IW compared to traditional methodology, 56% real workshop time reduction, 68% average consumable savings, 3 to 5 times arc-on time increase, 84% less accidents and 4 times more welders trained keeping the existing infrastructure were the main benefits. Visitors also had the opportunity to try digital welding on two Soldamatic systems.

Ms. Anja König, Head of Training at SVS, Swiss Welding Association, spoke about “Path to digitization in welding training at SVS”.

Ms. König showed the transformation of the industry into industry 4.0 and its impacts on employees and on their education. Since 2012, the SVS is continuously developing its digital training offer, from e-learning courses, online exams, and implementation of digital welding systems in trainings.

Mr. Daniel Brodbeck, IT Teacher, Commercial and industrial vocational school in Muttenz spoke about “If not now then when? Digital transformation of education – a practical example from Computer science education”

Mr. Brodbeck explained his motivation for a complete digital course. The main aspects were `How can the heterogeneity of a class be taken into account? `, `How can learning take place at different speeds`, `How can motivation be increased when learning?`. It seems that Mr. Brodbeck’s students get on very well with the digital course, as they need to be kicked out into pause while working on their projects.

All in all, it was a very informative and interesting event, giving also the possibility for networking. We are looking forward to organise the next event when the pandemic situation will be under control.

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